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  • I started with Get-therapists a few weeks ago now, I've connected with a therapist who has helped so much with my anxiety. My therapist is there for me at any time.... "

    Mary in Wicklow Ireland

    Oct 2021

  • I was sceptical when I found the site but after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try. So glad I took a chance. My advice is to complete the initial form with as much detail as possible. I was matched to a therapist exactly how I requested. ...

    John in Cork

    Jan 2022

  • I never leave reviews, but truly changed thing for the better and I want to get the word out that if you're looking for effective mental health support. You'll get matched quickly...

    Paul in Dublin 2

    March 2022

  • Wonderful and easy to use website. The therapists are sincere and very friendly. I feel comfortable talking to them. ...

    Niamh in Donegal

    March 2022

  • Was a bit unsure about filling out the questionnaire, it was easy, a therapist contacted very quickly. ...

    Isobelle in Douglas Cork

    Dec 2021

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