Directory Listing

Adding a listing is completely free, if you’re using our Scheduling software for your clinic, room or profile, however if it’s just an advert you’re after, we charge a monthly fee per directory listing.

Scheduling Software

We have a 3 month Free introductory offer, no payments, no cards, no strings, in fact we don’t want any payments unless your 100% happy and seeing some real value and return from our software! You can just close your account after 3 months. However, if you love the product as we know you will, then you will pay 6% of the net completed bookings. So you get 100 we get 6, we make something when you do.
Pay Per Lead


  • €5 for Each enquiry.
  • Fully Customisable Listing
  • Map With Directions
  • Multiple photos
  • Customer enquiries with chat Platform.
  • Webapp communication
  • Email Notification.
  • Add booking
  • Content management
Therapist Listing


  • Free for First 100 for 6 months
  • Listing on
  • Listed on Therapy
  • Option to add Scheduling 
  • Option to add Client Chat room
  • Share your Booking Button 
  • Listing Support
Add Booking

Free Trial for 3 Months

Includes Location Listing

No Risk, Free for 3 months

Create any number of rooms

Set different times & detailed calendar

Block off your own schedule.

Email Notification and reminders of all appointments

Fully Customisable 

Reminders/ Booking History

To Add Scheduling to your listing


Just A Room Listing

€ 9.99 

  • Free Enquiries
  • Login to Check Enquiries
  • Profile or Location Listing 
  • Add Multiple Photos, Video, Maps,
  • Use Google Maps to get directions
  • Customer chat portal
  • Share your Profile
  • 10 day satisfaction refund
  • Listing Support