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Start automating your bookings today.

What is online room booking?

The Online Room Booking Module is a fully customizable solution to the problem of scheduling your rooms on a daily basis.

Who can book ?

Choose when and who books your space. Discuss all aspects of your booking with the renter before they arrive.

We're here to help

From tips to decorating to setting the correct price, we can help you get the most out of your space. Just send us a message from the customer service conversation.


Users Find your Listing and book

Message your Users

Chat online with your customers via our app and website Get to know your customers.

Plan for first use

Some owners meet renters in person to show them around, others prefer to provide a door code, this is entirely up to you how you run your business.

Start with the basics

Spaces come in all shapes and sizes, light, dark, big, small. how you present your room is up to you. We strongly recommend you use really good photos to display your rooms.


Your Space, your users and who pays who

What to Charge

What you charge is up to you, we can help you set your price, but as a rule of thumb the shorter the notice the dearer the price.

How you get paid ?

We have integrated PayPal, but you can always choose direct Deposit or cash when you meet your client at your rooms.

How We Get Paid

At the end of each month We bill you a % of net completed bookings, so if you have no bookings, then there is no charge!

Main Features

  • Mail Delivered with mail chimp.
  • Free Location Listing when you sign up to online room booking.
  • Set up multiple rooms per location.
  • Set different "hourly prices" per room.
  • Set specific working hours so you can make your room available as needed.
  • Customers can book directly from the therapy rooms website.
  • we can provide you with your own "BOOK NOW" button which can be embed in your website or social media page.
  • Bookings and cancellations are confirmed by email.
  • Automated Appoinment reminders so customers wont miss a reservation.
  • Administrator Calendar with detailed booking history.
  • Update status of appoinments.
  • Payment by client direct to your account.
  • Add team members.
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