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Aria Treatment Rooms We have 5 treatment rooms. The counselling rooms are fully equipped with soft lighting and comfortable chairs. and Plinths for body work are provided in the healing rooms. The heating can be controlled in each room so you are in charge of ambience. We supply candles, sage for cleansing and crystal grids for a high vibrational healing space. There is room for storage & and a kitchen. If you are successful in your application, you would be registered as working for yourself but under the Aria Therapy umbrella, availing of our website, & social networking and the passing trade of clients of the centre. All practitioners must have their own insurance, be appropriately qualified for the services offered and registered with a relevant association, where applicable. Applications will be reviewed through an interview process & practical assessment to work in the centre. This, we hope, will make you feel comfortable knowing that all the therapists here are also of the same high standard. If you wish to join our team or run a workshop in the centre, contact the office for details. 

We look forward to hearing from you Rent our studio for Classes & Workshops We have a spacious group room suitable for classes and workshops.  It can hold up to 10 students for mat work eg. Yoga, pilates, and can seat up to 40 people. The room is primarily a meditation space so it is regularly charged with high vibrational cosmic energy making it an ideal space. Included is the use of our kitchen for teas and coffees and the heating can be controlled in the room. All practitioners or teachers must be appropriately insured &  qualified for the services offered and registered with a relevant association, where applicable.  Our intention is that all practitioners offering services at Aria will be of an equivalent high standard, so all applicants will go through an interview process before using the space. If you are interested in offering your services in our space.

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