Sessional & Long Term Rentals Victoria Cross, Cork

Therapy Rooms, Victoria Cross, IE, T12 T1XC

Room 1 One to One, meeting, counselling, nice room, window, table, swivel chair, 2 arm chairs, lamp, fan, gas heating, intercom, plant, fan, lamps, Bluetooth ceiling speakers.
Room 2 Multi Use Room, Hydraulic Bed, Large desk, swivel chair, lamp, bin, side table, 2 large Arm chairs, dimable lamp, plant, intercom, clock. pillow, blankets, suitable for many therapies, window facing east.
Room 3 located at the front of the building, Large room, easterly Windows’s, Lamp, round table, 4 chairs, two arm chairs, clock, intercom, white board, dimable lights. Fan, gas heating, tissue paper.
Room 4 Available Mon, Tues, Wed after 19.30 and all day Thur to Sun, located at the front of the building, has large full length windows facing east, great light, rug 2 arm chairs, lamp, side table, desk, desk lamp, Plants, tissues, swivel chair, fan, plants, window blinds, WiFi.