Sessional & Long Term Rentals Victoria Cross, Cork

Therapy Rooms, Victoria Cross, IE, T12 T1XC

Room 1 One to One, meeting, counselling, nice room, window, table, swivel chair, 2 arm chairs, lamp, fan, gas heating, intercom, plant, fan, lamps, Bluetooth ceiling speakers.
Room 2 Multi Use Room, Hydraulic Bed, Large desk, swivel chair, lamp, bin, side table, 2 large Arm chairs, dimable lamp, plant, intercom, clock. pillow, blankets, suitable for many therapies, window facing east.
Room 3 located at the front of the building, Large room, easterly Windows’s, Lamp, round table, 4 chairs, two arm chairs, clock, intercom, white board, dimable lights. Fan, gas heating, tissue paper.
Room 4 Located at the front of the building, has large full length windows facing east, great light, rug 2 arm chairs, lamp, side table, desk, desk lammp, Plants, tissues, swivel chair, fan, plants, window blinds, wifi. This room is currently available on Monday and Tuesday after 7.30 all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.