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Martins Lane Clinic is an integrated health practice in the middle of Mullingar town. The clinic provides rooms for therapists and medical professionals seeking the convenience of quality practice spaces without commitment and overheads. Our rooms are furnished to the highest standards and have been equipped with tables, desks, lamps, height adjustable chairs, cushions, blankets and pillows. There is mood lighting and wood flooring throughout. Facilities include a waiting area, staff and client toilets, staff kitchen and staff store room. There is secure parking available two minutes walk from the Clinic and the ground floor of the Clinic is fully wheelchair accessible. The Rooms: Room 1: This space is perfect for talking therapies. It is equipped with a large desk, height adjustable office chair, two client chairs and mood lighting. Room 2: This is our plinth room. It is equipped with a therapy bed, blankets, pillows, small table, two chairs and mood lighting. Room 3: This is the largest room available at MLC and can facilitate 10 people. It is suitable for evening classes, training courses, weekend workshops, meditation groups, yoga and Pilates classes. It is equipped with, small table and two chairs, blankets, pillows and mood lighting. This is a wonderful opportunity for any independent therapist looking to grow their business in a professional environment
Martins Lane, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Co Westmeath
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